The former coach of Djokovic talks about whether Novak will play in the Australian Open.  harsh words

Djokovic is in a very difficult situation at the moment. The nine-time winner of the Australian Open and the twenty-time Grand Slam champion, on the one hand, has a history and records that he would like to improve, and on the other hand, his beliefs, health and knowledge. How will he behave and will he fly to Melbourne in such a situation, when he hears the harsh words of the Prime Minister of the Australian state Victoria Dan Andrews, who does not imagine that foreign, unprotected tennis players can take part in the tournament?

Obradovic expects that “Novak will not participate in the Australian Open if he is blackmailed over the vaccination issue,” adding that the attacks on the world’s best tennis player have not stopped for a long time, the last of which is related to his attitude towards vaccination. Knoll has always insisted that he is in favor of full volunteerism in this matter. And it is the sovereign decision of every human being.

Coach Obradovic, while still a close friend of Djokovic, has not talked to him recently about it. But he knows him so well that he gave his opinion and said Novak thinks similarly.

– I think the WHO has created so much chaos that he doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong – the trainer analyzed it on Currier TV. He also stressed that the foreign media’s attitude towards Djokovic will always remain negative and disciplined.

In Belgrade, feedback on the master from the Balkans was received in this way several times. On the counter, the universally loved Roger Federer has almost always been. During the 2020 final with Dominic Thiem, the father of the tennis father was surprised that the Melbourne fans were in the final so much against his son. Despite the fact that he has won here many times and as a multiple winner, he should be respected and appreciated.

The West has always spit on Serbian athletes. We act normally and naturally. When we won, we never mistreated the opponent, we always acted nobly. All their fears are now called into question. They invite us to share in their fear, Obradovich said, referring in a way to the health situation and the narrative imposed in different parts of the world. Including Australia, obviously.

He adds that Djokovic will not agree to the warning.

If the only condition is vaccination, Novak will not participate in the Australian Open. It is logical. This is the gist (Views on Immunity and Vaccination – Editor’s Note) he’s been building for years. Banning him for lack of vaccination should be treated in the same way as banning the performances of Nocic’s plays (Branislav Nocic is a prominent Serbian playwright from the first half of the 20th century – editor’s note), because he has not been vaccinated – says Obradovic.

We are waiting for Djokovic to speak himself now. If he will meet the conditions imposed by the Australians, he must receive the first dose of the vaccination by October 15, and the second dose by November 26. Everyone is curious if he will decide to do so.

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