He couldn't stand it in the TVP studio.  He took out his phone and showed the conversation
  • Krzysztof Głowacki denied that the move to KSW was due to a suspension from boxing due to doping.
  • The boxer believes that someone really wanted him to never fight for the WBC belt again;
  • In response to the boxer's suggestions, Vasilevski took out his phone and showed his correspondence with Głowacki, which showed the whole matter in a different light;
  • The promoter threatened that further negative insinuations against him would end up in court;
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Krzysztof Głowacki became famous after trace amounts of a metabolite of boldenone was found in his body, an illegal substance that led to a four-year ban from boxing. Główka explained in an interview with TVP Sport that he must have accidentally doped, and the whole thing had no effect on his final position in KSW.

The former champion claimed that there are those who do not want him to fight for the world championship

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