Mach-E Mustang ride around Poland.  Episode 2 – Manor House

Business partner: Ford

The Manor House Hotel & SPA is located just over half way from Krakow to Warsaw. It is one of the most complete facilities of this kind in Poland, offering an extraordinary number of treatments that support vital vitality, that is, prolongation of life. No wonder this is where we stop to recharge our batteries.

Biorevitalization and hairspray are a series of rejuvenating treatments that are an alternative to invasive surgery or cosmetic procedures. Crystal therapy is available as part of the treatment at the Manor House Chakra Coordination Bed (7 energy centers in our body), thanks to which energy flows between the body and soul.

You can have a session on the stone beds, where the body regenerates and relaxes, for example thanks to music therapy – sounds made by Tibetan gongs and bowls at special frequencies. There is also a plasma generator and quantitative diagnostics, as well as Dr. Kish, where we wear a cosmic-looking helmet connected to a device that manages our energy flows, Regulating our thoughts and emotions.

Of course, looking at it, I can’t help but think of the energy flows in our Mustang, which got us to Chlewiska so quickly and efficiently that we didn’t get tired and cause hair to fall out; – & hairsp; Among other things thanks to us Brilliant, active, radar cruise controlA promising introduction to fully autonomous driving…


Business partner: Ford

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