The first Skoda car in the history of the series to enter Gran Turismo.  Too bad it's more of a spaceship than a car
April 24, 2024, 9:16 p.m

Tomorrow Gran Turismo 7 will receive a routine update (1.46) with three cars. These models include the first Skoda model in the history of the series (VGT), as well as an “electric” car co-created by Sony and the famous muscle car of John Wick.

Image source: Polyphony Digital


Polyphony Digital maintains a good series of new Gran Turismo 7 releases regularly, every four weeks. We can also talk about regularity in the context of the content that is added every month – something that is not necessarily very positive, given the modest attractions other than new cars.

Let's start with the last. tomorrow morning Update 1.46 Will add to GT7 Three vehicles:

  1. Avila 2024 model
  2. Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 Sport Coupe '70
  3. Skoda Vision Gran Turismo

They pay special attention Skoda – representative of the widely known Czech brand (especially on our website), which, however, appears very rarely in video gamesFisal abdulwahed Big tourism Never visited it before. First time happening with pumpBut many players pass I regret that GT7 Another futuristic prototype arrives divorced from reality (and an electric one at that) in place of one of the many iconic models from the company's long history.

The second interesting thing is: Afeela – “electric” jointly developed by Honda and Sony (in Sony Honda Mobility). The Chevrolet Chevelle is one of the most popular “classic” muscle cars, and has also become popular in recent years thanks to the film series. John Wick.

Now we come to the less positive aspects of Polyphony Digital's studio routine. The rest of the content is basically as bad as it was a month and two months ago:

  1. Three individual races On global tracks;
  2. One additional menu in the cafe (a film screening and a prize to be collected to purchase three selected cars – this time a Ferrari);
  3. Scene package for Scapes photo mode (in San Diego).

In addition, there will likely be small things like a few cars with the additional option of an engine replacement or a 'chat' in the café – we'll find out the details tomorrow morning, when we'll see the full list of changes.

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