Final Fantasy XVI looks like Devil May Cry!  4K gameplay from a game set to “set new standards”

The first journalists were able to familiarize themselves with Final Fantasy XVI, so now we can look at specific materials from the production. This PS5-only title looks great and could be a great adventure for loyal IP fans.

The first reviews about Final Fantasy XVI appeared, which were surprisingly positive, because The developers have taken care of a very dynamic combat system that even reminds of the Devil May Cry series, but the gameplay is supposed to offer the right experience.

In the posted videos, you will see, among other things, clashes in real time, during which Eicons show their character – this name is used to describe huge powerful creatures that represent different elements. Each faction in the game world has its own “hosts” that can summon monsters and use them to compete with opponents.

Throughout the story, Clive Rosfield will constantly improve his skills – the main character will learn from the Eicons that he encounters on his way and thanks to this he will systematically develop his abilities.

“With a veteran Devil May Cry 5 presence and the shift from turn-based combat to real-time combat, the gameplay is fast, complex and incredibly exciting,” the PlayStation Blog states.

The developers have given up on the difficulty levels – Players will initially choose whether to focus on story or combat. In both cases, we will get a similar experience, but not everyone will have to participate in difficult duels.

However, perhaps the most eye-catching additions allow you to unlock a series of powerful combos and finishers based on the available cooldowns with the (multiple) press of a single button, showing the full scope and intricacies of the combat system for almost zero cost making it a very effective experience. Thanks to these additions Final Fantasy XVI was designed to be accessible to a wide range of players, regardless of previous experience with action games.

The new Game+ mode will appear in the game, Which will allow us to test our skills at a higher level of difficulty. The production is heavily based on the first parts of the series and will allow players to experience a high fantasy world that draws inspiration from medieval Europe.

The world of Valisthea is built around powerful Mother Crystals that provide the Aether, the magical force that has been at the heart of the Final Fantasy world since its inception. Nations form around these crystals, each evolving their own customs and philosophies. This creates a delicate balance, interrupted by periods of uncertain peace. But As the ether begins to decline, tensions run high and deep political conflicts threaten to tear Valethia apart.”

In Final Fantasy XVI we will have access to a “huge cast of characters” and each hero is unique – The creators have prepared different stories and their motives so that the warriors complement each other and have a positive effect on the main events.

Square Enix wants to expand the narrative through the Active Time Lore (ATL) system, whose task is to provide additional information about the world and the game – the Japanese have prepared a very extensive FFXVI story dating back more than 1500 years in terms of the plot situation and players can pause the scene at any time ( Even during the movie) to learn more about the story.

“This very in-depth feature is integrated throughout the game and will allow you to pause gameplay at any time, even in the middle of a scene, and get custom cues to refresh your memory about the character we just mentioned, the history of the nation, or a specific event that happened.”

Final Fantasy XVI will, according to Square Enix, “set new standards for technological achievement”. The game is supposed to offer a “vast and beautiful world”, and thanks to the PlayStation 5 we will be able to explore it without any loading screens. The creators also remembered to use the capabilities of the DualSense controller – the authors took care, among other things, of supporting tactile vibrations.

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