NASA will make a second attempt to send the rocket to the moon.  Where do you watch the beginning of the Artemis mission?

Artemis mission The flight was supposed to begin on Monday, August 29, but the flight was eventually canceled due to numerous missile failures. NASA – SLS. First, the pumping of liquid oxygen and hydrogen was delayed by a storm very close to the launch pad. When it was fully operational, a small leak was detected and another slow refueling was required to stop it.

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Artemis mission. The first attempt failed

After pouring mostly fuel An annoying scratch was observed on the missile. Unfortunately, there was another issue that eventually led to the boot being canceled. one of four Motors main (RS-25, which was used in the shuttles NASA) do not want to cool to the appropriate level temperature. All this made it impossible to boot in a two-hour start window.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: In an interview with The Associated Press,He is more confident in his success before the second take-off attempt, given everything the engineers learned on the first try. As astronaut Jessica Meir sees the mission positively, she may in the near future become the first woman in the the moon.

Artemis mission. NASA will try again

“We’re all excited that it will work, but the most important thing is to fly when we’re ready and get it right. The next missions will have humans on board. Maybe it’ll be me and my friends,” Meir told The Associated Press.

Since the first failed attempt, NASA identified and fixed the engine problem. The check showed that the problem was in a faulty sensor, not a malfunction in the cooling system or the engine itself – The Guardian reports. “We’ve seen beyond doubt that high-quality liquid hydrogen runs through the engines,” Artemis program manager John Honeycutt was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

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NASA will launch a rocket into space. Where do you watch

The second launch of the Artemis mission is scheduled for Saturday 3 September at hour 20:17 polishing time. The startup window will open until 10:17 PM. You will be able to follow the broadcast from the beginning Home page of We invite you to watch our next upload attempt together Outer Space. The event will also be broadcast on official NASA channels. If the rocket fails to take off, further attempts are scheduled to send it into space on September 5 and 6.

The objective of the mission is to orbit the moon and return it safely a land special dolls. After a hiatus of nearly 40 years, Earthlings are once again preparing to launch a spacecraft toward the moon. Artemis, or Artemis, is the sister of Apollo in Greek mythology. This was the name of the space missions that made it possible to reach the moon in the 20th century.

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If all goes as expected, the next SLS flight with Orion is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024. This time it’s already manned, though not yet a moon landing. The third mission tentatively planned for 2025 is to return humanity to the Silver Globe.

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