Viewers Don’t Like Long Videos? Michael Rooker Has A Theory
The success of films like “Oppenheimer” or “John Wick 4” may confirm the belief that viewers are capable of coming to the cinema in large numbers to watch three-hour productions. Michael Rooker, who starred in Kevin Costner’s western “Horizon,” has a different opinion.

Michael Rooker on Modern Audiences and TikTok

Speaking to TMZ, Rooker praised Costner’s new film. He said: This is real cinema. Be prepared. It’s not something we’re used to. We’re used to 90 minutes. Everything is 90 minutes now… let’s leave it at that. Let’s watch a movie that really tells a story.You’ll meet the characters, you’ll either start to like them or you won’t. There’s nothing rushed about it – no cuts, cuts, cuts.

The actor said that viewers’ interest and reluctance to watch long productions comes from the regular use of social media and applications such as TikTok. They need to stop this nonsense and learn what watching real cinema is like.describe the attitude towards the recipient today.

It is unlikely that Costner’s Western will be able to recoup its production costs. The project, currently on the big screen, cost $100 million to continue, 3/4 of which came from the pockets of the director and star producer. However, the creator returned to the set undeterred to complete the epic with two more parts.

“Horizon. Chapter 1” – About the movie

The film is Kevin Costner’s first project in over 20 years in which he also appears behind the camera. The cast includes, among others: Sienna Miller, Jena Malone and Sam Worthington.

Thousands of dreamers, searching for a better tomorrow, travel across the vast lands of the United States, hoping to find their place on earth. Attacked by natives defending their lands and by bandits looking for easy prey, they face their own weaknesses and the wrath of nature on their way to their dream destination. In a country torn apart by bloody civil war, the fates of the noble and the wicked, the strong and the weak, the brave and the cowardly intersect. Only a few will reach the happy ending of this great journey.

Watch the trailer for “Horizon: Chapter 1”

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