"The farmer is looking for a wife."  Krzysztof farmer suggested to the participant

The farmer is looking for a wife“It is a program that initially aroused a lot of emotions in viewers. The eighth edition is still very popular, Fans of the format closely follow the fate of three farmers – Kamel, Stanislav and Krzysztof, as well as two farmers – Camila and Elipita, who are in search of true love. Now is the time to make the final decisions. Stanislav, Camila and Elibeta faced a difficult choice. But those behind him informed the candidates and candidates about them, and told Marta Manovska about them, who asked them why this choice was made and not another. Then it’s time to pronounce judgment. There was a lot of emotion in this episode. Who did the farmers choose in the end? You will find out by reading our review

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Who chose the male and female farmers?

At the beginning of the program, Stanisław decided to hold a barbecue with the candidates. His family did not want to play. The atmosphere was very tense. The girls felt uneasy about the upcoming decision. Someone said:

Then it’s Elizabeth time. I watched the lords chop down the tree and said:

Marek said:

Everyone feels that the time for final decisions is approaching. Then it’s time for Camila, who told me so Adam was more focused on the guests. The woman wished she had given him the chance. Camila said:

Stanislav could not establish full contact with the girls. I acknowledge:

Krzysztof did the agricultural work with Bogusława, who She admitted that she was pleased with the choice of the man.

Krzysztof admitted:

It’s time to decide:

Krzysztof’s selection is beautifully summarized by Bogusława:

As mentioned the future man of the ring.

Camila made the next decision. I hesitated a lot among the participants. She had to choose between Tomasz and Adam. I thanked them for the kind words and went with the Program Chair to the conference.

Kamel talked about why he said goodbye to the other participants. He also went to a meeting with Marta Manowska.

Finally, the reporter greeted Elizabeth and its candidates. The woman remembered saying goodbye Lynx animal. Then she said that it bothered them a lot and did not like to work on the farm. The women went to the council. How will the participants be evaluated?

Confessions of male and female farmers. A moment of stable decisions

Krzysztof spoke about his feelings for Bogusawa. dreaming of marrying her. When the lecturer is asked whether The participant will not be afraid of the show, after four days she said:

This was followed by a discussion with Camila. The farmer felt that Adam was very sensitive to her. “I love Adam. He’s handsome. It’s dangerous to change my mind all the timeShe added:I already have a decision in my head“.

Elizabeth she said that Stanislaw It’s a rock, a sanctuary, but has a little bit of boredom, on the other hand A character’s brand can’t quite tell.

Of course, Stanislaw Bogusława chose and offered it. The woman accepted the proposal.

Kamel was next Make a decision and decide Adam. Thomas He said goodbye to TVP. The man admitted remorse but understood the reason completeWhich was the difference of characters.

Later, Elizabeth decided to choose Marker. She gave him a chance because he was still undetected to her.

He fully supported the decision and chose Asia. They have officially become a couple.

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