June 3, 2023


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The Yutu-2 rover has reached a mysterious monolith on the Moon's surface.  first pictures

The Yutu-2 rover has reached a mysterious monolith on the Moon’s surface. first pictures

Andrew Jones, a correspondent for SpaceNews, was the first to announce this remarkable discovery on the World Wide Web. At the time, he didn’t know what we were really dealing with. The UFO was in the regolith and was in the shape of a cube. It was located about 80 meters from łazika Yutu-2which under the Chinese Chang’e-4 مهمة mission Since December 2019, he has been exploring the invisible part of our planet in the Silver Globe.

Immediately a number of fascinating theories emerged about this object. Some announced that it was Monolith left in moon dust strange civilization. Others were certain that it might be something referring to the interior of the Moon, with its giant tunnels, caves, and even cities. These crazy theories were favored by the fact that we’re talking about them here The side of the moon that is not visible from the earth.

Meanwhile, the rover finally reached the mysterious object and photographed it closely. Andrew Jones just announced this on his Twitter profile. “Oh, that’s amazing. about to cry… ”- wrote Jones. In the photo we can see a strange rock located in the crater of the volcano. According to him, we are dealing with a completely ordinary rock that looks like a hare.

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The rock was named the Jade Rabbit. “The Moon has 38 million square kilometers of rock, so it would be astronomically unique if that rock was anything else,” Jones wrote in another tweet. “But even though it is a little jade rabbit, this rock will be good for some as well. Huge disappointmentJones added.

But let’s not lose hope. However, examining this thing can be of great value, because in this way we will be able to identify it Moon formation historyAnd maybe also things from the abyss of space. It is not yet known when any more detailed information about the rock will be released. In the case of Chinese missions, we must be patient.