The fall of the shoe giant after 50 years.  The company declared bankruptcy

In the changing world of fashion and ongoing economic challenges, another iconic brand is facing a difficult reality. French shoe brand Minelli, known as being synonymous with style and quality, has declared bankruptcy. As reported by, the company, which has gained customer recognition for nearly half a century, is no longer able to continue its commercial activities in its current form. This sad news not only affects the brand’s employees and customers, but is also a warning sign for the entire industry.

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The bankruptcy of Minnella, founded in 1973, is a direct result of “polarization of demand,” in which consumers increasingly seek products either off the shelves with lower prices or of the highest quality. This phenomenon is not new, but in times of crisis and high inflation, consumer choices have become clearer. People are increasingly turning to cheaper alternatives, leading to a sharp decline in interest in luxury products and those perceived as more expensive.

Minnelli’s company, known for offering affordable shoes, employs nearly 500 people. Its products were available in 120 office supplies and online stores, as well as on the Polish market. There is no doubt that it was a brand with history and tradition, but it was not able to go against current market trends.

Minella’s board of directors issued a statement saying: “Despite the undoubted efforts of our teams and management, we are no longer able to operate at the current scale. The costs necessary to restructure and ensure future profitability are beyond our own capabilities. It was also hoped to find potential buyers and talks are ongoing.” currently.

Minnella’s downfall not only marks the end of an era for the brand, but is also a warning to other players in the market. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to have an established position and history – you also need to respond flexibly to changing market conditions and consumer expectations. The footwear industry, like many other retail sectors, must find a way to balance quality and price in order to survive in turbulent times.

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