Suzie Villeneuve: “This is the journey I need to take to feel whole”

Suzie Villeneuve debuted the first track from her new album on Tuesday at Piccolo Studios From head to heartHer debut as a singer-songwriter.

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It’s a project he’s been working on for a long time, completing a triptych begun in recent years by his conference show and his book, both bearing the same name.

Very determined and liberated, the 40-year-old singer admitted in an interview with QMI agency that she was haunted for a long time by abandoning her passion and trying to do something else to earn a living. A great chasm is growing inside her.

“It ultimately got back to the heart of who I am, musically, which inspired a lot of the songs on this album,” he later explained.

“I gave up music, I was doing many things and was still looking for myself. I felt a big void inside me, at one point, I had to clean a little, of course I helped, but after removing the dust, removing the whole carpet, the music always comes back. Small and his He rediscovered the joy of singing in the car.

This change in his life started in 2016. “It’s a journey I need to take to feel whole,” she enthused.

A simple album

Writing to Susie Villeneuve was definitely a saving grace. It is much easier for her to write her own songs than to entrust herself to a teacher. It only took him 5, 10, 15 minutes to write most of his lyrics.

“When it’s hard, it’s because I’m not in the right place,” she added with a laugh, leaning against one of the couches in Piccolo’s studio.

His new opus obviously echoes his introspective journey and his learning in recent years, particularly the piece A letter to my angelIt was written for his son Edward, and Road togetherIt evokes the commitment of a couple, a family, but also the sense of freedom she feels on her mountain bike escape.

The singer also hides the piece in my way With Dion Juster, he agreed to provide the piano score, although he initially declined the offer.

Christmas and Star Academy

The perfect lover of the magic of the holiday season – her tree was created from 1There is November – Susie Villeneuve will be delighted to sing the hymn All I want for Christmas is youDuring the tour Christmas carol tradition Starting at the end of the month in Chagune.

Then in January, the show will take a turn And it’s not over yet, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Tele-Hook’s first edition, is set to tour Montreal and Quebec. After mobilizing the first former academics for the song From dream to realityLast year, Suzie Villeneuve couldn’t wait to take part in the show and is still pinching herself at the sight of putting it on.

“I would never have gone ahead with this idea before, with a night bubble. Bringing my brothers and sisters together from the academy last November was a great experience. To see everyone there, ready to redo the Bell Center, it was absolutely crazy,” he said.

album From head to heart Available on listening platforms. program Christmas carol tradition He will be on tour till December 23. For all dates, click here:

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