The European Union wants to use frozen Russian assets.  Acute Peskov reaction

Frozen Russian assets could be used to buy weapons for Ukraine, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell suggests to EU countries. Moscow did not like his idea. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the trial participants “will be tried for decades.” He said that Europe is aware of the damage this could cause to its economy and image.

Joseph Burrell He has an idea for Use of frozen Russian assets. A senior EU official wants to use the profits to buy weapons for Ukraine.

Will the EU use Russian assets? Josep Borrell with a suggestion

Borrell suggested in a blog post on the X website that “90% will be distributed through the European Peace Fund and 10% through the EU budget.”

The EU official added that he looked forward to the rapid approval of the proposal by the European Council. “This will demonstrate the unity and commitment of the European Union in supporting Ukraine and its citizens,” he stressed.

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Moscow did not like Borrell's idea. This proposal was sharply criticized by the Kremlin spokesman in an interview with the propaganda news agency RIA Novosti. Dimitri Besko.

The Kremlin is angry. Statements by Dmitry Peskov

According to the Russian politician, this is another statement by Borrell that “moves towards destroying the foundations of European and international law.”

Europe is aware of the harm that such decisions could cause Its economy and image as a reliable guarantor of the inviolability of property, Peskov said.

He added that countries make such decisions “They will be prosecuted for many decades.”.

Initially, Western countries considered using frozen Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine. She called for quick decisions to be taken in this regard, among other things. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. But recently, there have been increasing voices calling for the use of these funds Buying weapons for Kiev.

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