Norwegian media reported late Friday, citing emergency services, that a US military plane carrying four people crashed in northern Norway. – The plane participated in NATO exercises – Reuters reports.

Reuters reported late Friday evening, quoting Norwegian rescue services, that the US military plane V-22 Osprey, which crashed in northern Norway, took part in NATO maneuvers.

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The weather in the area where the accident occurred was bad. “We can confirm the incident involving the Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey,” the US Marine Corps wrote on Twitter.

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White Phosphorous journalists reported that the devices were to locate the later remnants of Machine No. 21 in Gratadalen in northern Norway. – We located the crash site. We don’t yet know what happened to the passengers – Jan Eskil Severinsen, a spokesman for the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority, said in an interview with NRK.

“We detected the aircraft after receiving the emergency signal,” the JRCC reported.

The fate of those on board is still unknown. Two rescue helicopters and an aircraft are involved in the search. The rescue operation is coordinated by Nordland Police.

According to the plan, the American plane 18 was supposed to land at Bodo airport.

aml / PAP / polsatnews.pl

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