The eggs were arranged in an unusual circle.  An amazing discovery by scientists

In 1923, Roy Andrews Chapman's expedition In the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, dinosaur nests were discovered in an unusual arrangement. Moreover, the eggs contained in it were not located in the center of the nest, but on its outer sides, leaving the inner part empty. This discovery created mysterious circles.

Bones of a predatory dinosaur were discovered in the nestWhose feet left prints on the laid eggs. Scientists have hypothesized that he was most likely surprised by some catastrophe, which led to his death. The researchers concluded that it was robbing the nest at this time and named it Oviraptor, which means “egg thief.”

After many years, it was decided to checkWhat was inside the eggs that the oviraptor was stealing? The truth turned out to be surprising. Well, inside were his baby fetuses. Which means that the dinosaur was not stealing the eggs at all, but rather incubating them and dying in the process.

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Detailed research has begun On this type of dinosaur. This also allowed us to unravel the mystery of the mysterious circles in which the nests were arranged.

It turns out that oviraptors were prehistoric animalsAt the same time taking care of the parents. They also had a cover of feathers, which served them, among other things, to protect their young.

In contrast, arranging the eggs in a circle allowed them to face the challengeWhich served as a safe nursery for eggs in the case of such huge animals. Thanks to this, they did not break under the influence of weight.

The body weight is located in the center of the empty nestAt the same time, the eggs were close to the dinosaur's body, providing him with the necessary warmth and an additional feeling of security.

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