The death of the former world champion.  "There will be no help for me anymore"

The world champion admits that he is dying. However, she smiles. Every day that I have the opportunity to live and spend with my family is worth fighting for. I would like to appear on DKMS LIFE Dreamday to encourage other cancer patients. There are always a few ways to gain strength and not lose hope – he says specifically for BILD.

Lubinger has been battling leukemia since March 2017. After several chemotherapy treatments and stem cell transplants, he thought the cancer cells had been destroyed. But in 2018, the cancer returned. In 2019, it looked like he was finally defeated. At the end of 2021, Luebinger fell ill again.

I started with joint diseases. Suddenly I felt obvious scratches all over my body. On my legs, arms and head – acknowledged 2003 Indoor World Champion.

At the Würzburg Hospital, Lubinger was treated with CAR-T cells (cancer immunotherapy). She says there is only one attempt for this remedy. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him.

In February, the doctors told me that death was imminent. I must take care of my funeral and say goodbye to my loved ones. It was hard to talk to my kids. They know how bad things are for me, says Lubinger, trying to hold back my tears.

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