Tennis.  The ATP has released a statement on Novak Djokovic

Djokovic set off on Entrepriseto share it Australian Open. He originally got a visa even though he wasn’t vaccinated against it COVID-19 The so-called “medical exception” was considered. But upon his arrival, the Serb discovered that his visa … had been revoked and he was sent to solitary confinement, awaiting hearing of his appeal in the case that he naturally filed.

Meanwhile, tennis lawyers revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus on December 16, so he could not take the vaccine, which made the behavior of the Australian authorities unfounded. Therefore, it appears that the appeal will be accepted. And it just so happened… It can still be deportedwhich was already confirmed by his surroundings.

The union has not yet spoken on this matter ATP. It didn’t do so until Monday, in a private statement. As we read, although it appreciates the sacrifices of Australian citizens fighting the pandemic through strict restrictions, she believes that the prevailing rules need to be clarified.

It is clear that Novak Djokovic, while traveling to Australia, thought he had met all the requirements to be considered a medical exception. The chain of events we have witnessed hits everyone, we read.

At the same time, ATP called on athletes to get vaccinated as often as possible. – In our opinion, it is essential for our sport to overcome the epidemic – he wrote. As added, 97% of competitors preparing to start in AO are vaccinated.


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