World Cup 2022. Robert Lewandowski on the bonuses promised by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to the national team

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Approximately 30-50 million Polish zlotys are divided into the team, because such amounts were mentioned during the meeting of the national team with the prime minister before the trip to the World Cup. Rewards were to be given for leaving the group. The team left the group, but even before the decisive match, with Argentina, instead of football, people began to think about distributing money, as reported by Sporto Fecetti.

As time passed, Morawiecki announced that there would be no money for players to play in Qatar. Surprised and nervous because of the confusion, Cesare Colezza confirmed in an interview with that he knew nothing about the contract and was not present at the meeting.

On Thursday, the chosen one commented on the awards. – It was a loose, non-binding conversation – Michniewitz told Radio Zet.

Lewandowski: The ball divided us

Lewandowski spoke on Friday at Przegląd Sportowy.

– The whole thing became a pretext to unleash the Polish-Polish war, in which there will probably be a lot of politics and disputes between different factions, as well as around the PZPN, around the coach’s supporters and opponents. Only all this happens outside the players, who, together with the fans, are victims of this situation, – admitted the captain of the national team.

He added that a lot of the voices in all of this are twisted and matched with the thesis “what works for a particular person”. Football, in his opinion, instead of connecting us, may have “divided” us.

– We didn’t expect anything, we didn’t demand anything, and we didn’t demand public money either. It is clear that it is better not to bring up this topic at all, because we were not going to the World Cup for money, I want to make it clear – emphasized.

Lewandowski also admitted that the players approached Prime Minister Morawiecki’s statements before the World Cup from the start with a distance.

– This meeting actually lasted a few minutes before we left the hotel for the airport. It was a normal conversation. There, the Prime Minister issued a statement, but to be honest, we footballers didn’t take it seriously. There has been no discussion of where this reward came from, and what it means. For us, it was a little virtual money.

Video: The ball connects us Prime Minister Morawiecki met with Polish soccer players before leaving for Qatar

The Biało-Czerwoni team ended their participation in the tournament in the 1/8 finals, where they lost 1: 3 to the defending champions France. At this stage of the World Cup, they find themselves for the first time in 36 years and events in Mexico. The joy of achievement has been dampened by the highly defensive style of play favored in group stage matches.

And the Poles will play the next match for points in March as part of the European Championship qualifiers.

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Source:, “Przegląd Sportowy”

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