The Pope will not participate in the Stations of the Cross in the Colosseum

At 21:15 the Stations of the Cross will begin at the Colosseum. This year, due to the cold that has gripped Rome for several days, Francis will not participate in it. The Pope will watch her from Santa Marta House in the Vatican where she lives.

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The 86-year-old left the Gemelli Clinic on April 1 after being hospitalized for three days, being admitted with bronchitis. Pope has not yet recovered, suffers from slight hoarseness and is still coughing.

Easter Triduum with the participation of the Pope

Despite health problems, the Pope takes part in the celebration of Easter, Trinity. On Maundy Thursday, the Holy Father celebrated Mass in the chapel Casa del Marmo They performed the traditional washing of the feet of twelve persons imprisoned in a Roman juvenile prison.

On Good Friday, Francis officiated Worship the Passion of the Lord In St. Peter’s Basilica. Pope arrived in a wheelchair.

The Way of the Cross in the Colosseum

The main theme of this year’s Way of the Cross is to be “World War Three Pieces” – a term often used by Francis. Reflections will be devoted to the war in Ukraine and other conflicts in the world.

The Italian newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano” reported that the statements of the Ukrainian and Russian youth will be taken into consideration. It will be read at the tenth station of the cross, that is, when Jesus is stripped.

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“Last year, mom and dad decided to take me and my little brother to Italy, where our grandmother has been working for over 20 years. We left Mariupol at night. At the border, soldiers stopped my father and told him he had to stay in Ukraine and fight. We traveled by bus for two days. When we got to Italy, I was sad, ”reflections of the Ukrainian boy published by the daily.

I felt stripped of everything: completely naked. I did not know the language and had no friends. My grandmother tried so hard to cheer me up, but all I said was that I wanted to go home. Finally, my family decided to go back to Ukraine. Here the situation is still difficult, there is war on all sides, and the city is destroyed. But in my heart I still have that certainty that my grandmother said to me when I cried: You will see that everything will pass. With God’s good help, peace will return“” Ukrainian mentions.

stations of the cross. Reflections Ukrainian and Russian

“On the other hand, I am a Russian boy. I feel guilty, but at the same time I don’t understand why and I feel doubly bad. Abstract of happiness and dreams of the future – writes, in turn, a young Russian.

“I’ve seen my grandmother and my mother cry for two years. The letter informed us of the death of my older brother. I still remember him on his eighteenth birthday, smiling and shining like the sun, just a few weeks before we left on a long trip. Everyone told us we should be proud, but there was a lot of suffering and grief in the house. The same thing happened with my dad and grandfather, they also left and we don’t know anything. At home I wrote a prayer: Jesus, please, may there be peace throughout the world and may all be brothers” – We read.


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