The Crew Motorfest will have something Forza Horizon never had before.  The game world will become approximately two times larger

10 June 2024, at 22:54

During Ubisoft Forward, we learned about the future of The Crew Motorfest. Ivory Tower studio has ambitious plans – in November it will expand the game world to include a second island (Maui), slightly smaller than O’ahu. It will be shown in Season 5 (free).

Unlike Microsoft, Ubisoft didn’t skimp on the series’ space the crew In its “non-E3” presentation. During Ubisoft Forward we received Scenery Th Plans The Crew Motorfest is in its second year of development – ​​and its momentum is hard to deny.

Season 5 will begin in November, and its main attraction will be the free expansion of the map to a second Hawaiian island – Shelter. It covers an area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers (slightly smaller than Oahu is currently available), and contains 345 kilometers of new roads that pass through the city of Kahului and areas of Haleakala National Park.

Fans of competitive Forza Horizon 5 have something to envy. Before the premiere, studio Playground Games loudly advertised an “evolving world,” but it had never offered anything more exciting than temporarily turning a playground into a winter playground or decorating a highway with neon lights — and it certainly wouldn’t, given that this was the game. It has been on the market for almost three years and, after entering a slump, has been sent into retirement by players looking for the ‘six’.

On the new map in Al Crew Car Festival Activities that were previously unavailable will be waiting for us. leading among them Chase Squad mode, vaguely called a “premium PvE experience” by the creators, in which we will participate in night chases (You can see its trailer below.) We’ll find out more details in September, when The Crew Showcase takes place.

However, before this happens, Season 4 will begin in JulyWhich still hides some secrets. You can learn more about it from the previous post, which also concerns the return of Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Abarth to the game (this will happen the day after tomorrow).

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