There is another medal for Poland!  Anita Włodarczyk did not disappoint.  What an achievement!

In the semi-finals, the strongest was Katrin Koch Jacobsen, who sent the hammer to a distance of 72.88 m. The second result was obtained by Fantini (72.28 m), and the third was obtained by Rose Luja (71.70 m). The best Polish woman was Włodarczyk. Our heroine achieved 71.27, which gave her fifth place. Malwina Kopron came in eighth place (69.13m) and Katarzyna Furmanek (68.66m) came in twelfth place.

Continued article below the video

Already in her first attempt, Włodarczyk confirmed that she intends to fight for the highest goals. The 38-year-old clocked 71.42m in her attempt and was the leader. After the second series, although the pole improved to 71.93, I lost two places. All thanks to the great results of Fantini (72.30m) and Silja Kosonen (72.06m).

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