Hackers can read encrypted emails.  Microsoft weakness.  Check if the problem applies to you

Each of us is somewhat vulnerable to the dangerous activities of online criminals. Often we do not realize it, and no wonder – it happens that the software producer himself does not know the weaknesses of his software, which scammers carefully use. A bug was recently discovered in Microsoft products. Check if it is up to you.


There are many types of modern online threats. Once upon a time was the main danger VirusesThat is, nothing but software written in such a way that it gets into the device without the knowledge of the user and causes some unwanted damage. They have exploited many vulnerabilities in different software, and this type of code oversight is the most common reason for attacks launched by cybercriminals even today.

WithSecure (formerly F-Secure Business) has published a security advisory that alerts companies to a vulnerability Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption (OME). It is used by organizations to send encrypted email internally and externally. Cybercriminals can use the leak to partially or fully determine the content of the message by analyzing the location and repeating patterns, then matching them with the patterns found in other emails and OME files.

Harry Sentonen, a WithSecure consultant and cybersecurity researcher who discovered the vulnerability, explains in a press release:

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