The creator of It Takes Two would rather be shot rather than implement NFT in his games

Joseph Faris, creator of It Takes Two and A Way Out, spoke critically about companies adding NFT to gaming. The creator would rather shoot in the knee than carry out the symbols mentioned in his works.

Joseph Fares is a successful artist who does not utter his words. Before the premiere of his last titles, he announced that he could pay anyone bored with his game, 1000 dollarsA few years ago He was very critical about the Oscars Awarded to filmmakers. Now he took the NFT under his microscope.

Remember: NFT is a unique numeric value that represents different elements (tangible or intangible). The NFT is based on the architecture of the blockchain and each contains information that allows it to be distinguished from other tokens. These non-refundable tokens were recently left behind Presented by Ubisoft As for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, but they were not warmly received by players. Moreover, they were not very popular.

Joseph Faris told The Washington Post that video games are an art form and began to criticize companies trying to integrate NFT into their products, prompting customers to spend more money. The developer has stated that his studio – Hazelight – will never create a title that will allow you to purchase these tokens. As he noted, “I’d rather get a knee injury than add NFT to my games.”

The Swede is honest and above all else, he can tell us how he really feels, so I think we can be confident of his next titles.

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