Google will kill the service you are using.  He thought she was stupid as a shoe

Seeing the capabilities of ChatGPT, one can get the impression that so far all voice assistants are jerks. Google understands this insight, and is dedicating significant resources to catch up with the competition. Including at the expense of a working and mature service, which is Google Assistant.

The invention of OpenAI surprised almost everyone. The ChatGPT chatbot, thanks to the GPT language model, has been shown to have a near perfect understanding of human speech expressed in text, including language nuances and context. It turns out that you can talk to the device. And above all, give her a task with a quick and understandable command.

One of the few entities that isn’t surprised is Microsoft. The company is a major investor in OpenAI, so it had access to its inventions early on. Shortly after the premiere of ChatGPT, Bing AI was launched, that is, a chat interface for the Bing search engine based on GPT-4 and Microsoft algorithms. This greatly increased its ease of use, drawing some netizens’ attention away from Google search.

In response, Google rushed to work developing its own language model and conversational interface for the search engine. Bard, as this interface is called, is now available for testing in the United States and Great Britain. Apparently, the quality differs greatly from Bing AI, but we are unable to verify these opinions. However, Google not only wants to catch up, but also to beat the competitor. It’s a little risky.

Google redirects HR from Google Assistant to Google Bard. He puts himself in a delicate position.

according to the information obtained CNBC reportersGoogle is rebuilding the teams that work on the Google Assistant and Bard internally so that more attention is paid to the chatbot with a large language model.

This decision seems logical at first glance. The invention of OpenAI changed the plans of all the IT giants who rushed to build or improve their own conversational interfaces. It is very likely that someone who will not present such an advanced interface at some point in time will be seen as a backward person. It’s enough to go back and mention how expensive it was for Microsoft to sleep through the smartphone revolution. Google wants to be at the forefront of chatbots, not among companies like Apple. Who is Siri at least as dumb as Google Assistant – at least when compared to ChatGPT’s language understanding capabilities.

However, Apple may be right in its cautious approach to language paradigms. Microsoft doesn’t have any Assistant, so it has little to lose. Meanwhile, Apple Siri and Google Assistant aren’t just rudimentary conversational skills. These are also wonderful AI mechanisms that turn incomprehensible strokes of the stumbling user, who may still have an accent, into words that are understandable to the machine. It is also a complete ecosystem of services connected to the comprehensive API of these assistants.

Meanwhile, Google Bard (as well as Bing AI or ChatGPT) impresses with the technology behind it and is a harbinger of big changes in IT. However, from the point of view of product maturity, they are children. They find it difficult to give correct information and are very slow.

The absolute time it takes for a large language model to process a user command is indeed a problem to be solved. Chatbots think for a few seconds, sometimes several seconds before returning useful information to the user. These large delays make voice communication very difficult. In the accompanying video, I recorded a short test of Bing AI’s response rate to voice commands and Google services. In fact, you can even compare the response time of the Bing search engine and Bing chatbot to eliminate other potentially variable factors. Bard, to replace Google Assistant, will have to react faster. Given the high economic cost of processing a single query through the language model, server burnout It may not be possible at this time.

Voice assistants are also extensions, skills, or skills. Bard’s role is to be the next generation search engine. Meanwhile, the Google Assistant is also used to turn off the lights in the house, play songs on speakers, set alarms, respond to emails, and a thousand other uses. This is often possible thanks to the aforementioned extensions created by other companies whose services and products will be supported by Google Assistant. It can’t be done easily buckle for a new chatbot. And that’s assuming hundreds of people who connect to Google Assistant have nothing to say here and automatically agree to it.

Google must know how to manage human resources and how to develop artificial intelligence. Should…right?

Since the author of Spider’s Web sees the above opportunities and threats, you can be sure that Google managers see them as well. The best businesses are out there, whether in the AI ​​or HR industries. However, the future and movements of competitors cannot be easily predicted. Let’s hope that it doesn’t turn out that Google in its rush to ChatGPT won’t accidentally lose an important foothold, which is the very strong position in the market for Google Assistant. Apple’s calm may turn into a better strategy.

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