The coup in Niger.  French President Macron’s harsh reaction

Military Council Nigerian The ambassador ordered France leave this country for Sunday evening. The French Foreign Ministry refused to respond to this request.

Our policy is correct. depends on the courage of the chief (Mohammed – red.) Bazuma And the dedication of our resident ambassador who remained in office despite the pressure and all the pressure from the illegal authorities, the president said during the annual meeting of French ambassadors on Monday. Emmanuel Macron.

hosts Elysee Palace He added that the French ambassador to Niger will remain in his position despite the pressures of the military council.

Niger: ultimatum to the French ambassador. Paris refuses

Sylvain EttyAmbassador France w Nigerian, He received 48 hours on Friday to leave the country. This happened exactly one month after the overthrow of Niger’s democratically elected president Mohamed Bazouma.

He ordered the leaders of the French diplomatic junta to leave because he refused to see the foreign minister.

The putschists also drew attention to any “other actions of the French government that run counter to the interests of Niger.” According to the army, France is also responsible for the actions of the ECOWAS countries that announced the military intervention, which is allegedly “in its pocket”.

Military personnel from the so-called National Council for the Salvation of the Homeland organized a mass stand on Saturday at the largest stadium in the country’s capital – Niamey – which, according to various estimates, was attended by about 20-25 thousand people. the people. During the demonstration, slogans targeting France and its army were chanted.

On Thursday, the military council terminated military agreements with France, including regarding the stationing in Niger of 1.5 thousand French troops in operations against jihadists.

Saturday’s rally at Stade Général Seyni Kountchéw Niamey against France/France Press agency

Military coup in Niger

Relations between I do not go a France She was nervous for a long time. Four days after the putschists seized power, thousands of junta supporters demonstrated in front of the French embassy. Earlier, the French authorities decided that Suspension of cooperation In terms of security and financial aid, it’s all because of the coup.

The demonstrators were greeted in front of the diplomatic headquarters Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia They set fire to the entrance to the building. France condemned the attack, called for respect for international law and vowed to respond “immediately and relentlessly” if French citizens, the military or diplomats were injured.

During a rally on Saturday Col Ebru Amadou On behalf of the putschists, he stated, among other things, that “our fight will only stop when there are no more French soldiers in Niger”.

Zandberg in “The Graffiti” by Jan Szostak: People have different philosophical views/Polsat News/Polsat News

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