May 28, 2023


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One of Putin’s confidants died. The mysterious death of an oligarchy in a dungeon

Igor Shkurko has been a close collaborator for years Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Tuesday, April 4, the 49-year-old head of a powerful Russian energy company was found dead in a detention cell in Yakutsk, a city in northeastern Siberia. He was awaiting trial in which he was accused of bribery. Although the Russian authorities claim that a third party did not contribute to the death of the man, foreign media confirm that he died in somewhat mysterious circumstances. Like all former Russian oligarchs closely associated with Putin.

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For years he has been close to Putin. He died under mysterious circumstances

Igor Shkurko held the position of Deputy General Director of the Russian energy company Yakutskenergo. The man was found dead exactly one day after an appeal was filed against the allegations Bribery. The man claimed he was innocent. The Russian authorities have not yet disclosed the cause of the oligarch’s death. However, they confirmed that, according to the results of the preliminary investigation, the death was not caused by the actions of third parties.

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On April 4, the accused was found in a detention cell. He showed no signs of life. The medical personnel who arrived declared him dead. An investigation team has been called to the scene. According to the preliminary results, no signs of third party activity were found

Russia’s Federal Prison Service said in a statement published shortly after Shkurko’s death.

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