The cause of death of Jean-Marc Wally is unknown

The family said in a statement Friday morning that the autopsy’s initial report could not indicate the exact cause of death of director Jean-Marc Wally, who died suddenly on Saturday.

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However, this first autopsy report from the family states that the death was not caused by third party intervention, voluntary action or known illness. “A more in-depth analysis is underway,” the family said.

“Our father was a generous man, a deep man and a man who made full use of his life. He leaves wonderful memories in the memory of people who were blessed to appreciate the work.

Henceforth, the family says they want to take the time needed to “deal with this heavy and gripping loss.”

“We would like to thank everyone who took the time to express their grief and compassion to us. We are deeply touched by the many testimonies received from around the world,” wrote the family of the great filmmaker, noting that details of the ceremony celebrating his life would be announced later.

“And as Jean-Marc said: ” Cut, print, thank you, goodbye! ”

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