For the most part, National Day celebrations have gone digital for the second year in a row. But that didn’t stop the summer frenzy from capturing the Montrealists, who took advantage of Saint-Jean-Baptiste to meet on Thursday.

Coralie Lapland

Coralie Lapland

“It’s not something I celebrate every year, but it’s important for Quebecs to get together and then have the opportunity to remember their team identity,” Stephanie Luna immediately began.

Smoke billowed from the barbecue, with athletes skatingboarding and many others scurrying along the beach. Jorry Park in the Villare area of ​​Montreal was very lively on Thursday afternoon.

Under the winning sun, Stephanie Luna and Frederick Corneo ate on the grass. The two millennials mingled about the role of National Day in 2021.

Photo by Karen-Isabel Jean-Baptiste, Press

Stephanie Luna and Frederick Corneo arrived for a picnic at Jorry Park on Thursday.

“With Govt-19 […], We can no longer unite, so it loses some of its meaning, ”Frederick said. “I have a sense of identity, Quebec, wanting to have a country where our generation is a little less. [public cible] “, He added.

Going a little further still, Demetrios Lycopoulos and his wife, Rica Fedison, were seated in folding chairs. Their two daughters were running in search of flowers growing in the grass.

St. John the Baptist remembers Rica as his native Philippines, where the feast is celebrated from a religious perspective. “We have a big celebration, a parade by the sea,” the 47-year-old woman said with a smile on her lips.

Photo by Karen-Isabel Jean-Baptiste, Press

Demetrios Liagopoulos and Rica Fedison with their two daughters at Jorry Park

The Friends Holiday Group continued a long tradition of gathering several meters away during a national holiday. Festive music was blowing from a silver radio, with a Quebec flag flying in the air and hanging from a tree.

“For me, I have a nationalist fiber,” said Simon Pocket, who was wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Photo by Karen-Isabel Jean-Baptiste, Press

Simon Buckwheat, with his radio, provided music for his group of friends.

His friend Andre Racett was not so interested. “I love Quebec and we are proud to be Quebecs. But first of all, I think it’s a legal holiday to see friends coming, ”he said.

Three friends with a beach towel glass, wine glass in hand. “It simply came to our notice then. I was born here. It comes together, really, ”said Judith Dorville.

According to Jonah Fernandez, Saint-Jean-Baptist has a different meaning. “I am a newcomer and I come from Cuba. I’ve been here for two years, ”said the woman, behind a large orange sunglasses. “For me, it allows me to meet friends,” he added.

At Saint-Laurent Park in the Montreal-Nord metropolitan area, Ricardo Compress was enjoying a soft day with his children, wife and sister, while emphasizing the importance of the national holiday to him.

We live here and feel the Quebecs.

Ricardo Compress, Montreal resident

We got used to celebrating St. John’s Day. We have heard about it since we came here, ”said her sister, Angelina Compress.

Joshua Alexander, 16, used his school break to play basketball. When asked if Saint-Jean-Baptist was important to him, he replied, “Not really.” Instead, he took advantage of the day by spending time with his mother, who was given a day off.

Gathers at Laurier Park

Drums and guitars were at Laurier Park in the Plateau-Mont-Royal metropolis early Thursday morning. Near the fountain in the center of the park, a band performed a concert, which was attended by about fifty people.

Many of Quebec’s flags were flying in the air, with people drawing flor-de-lis on their faces, while others wore blue for the occasion.

Good comedy ruled amidst festivities. For 18-year-old Marilo Blaine, celebrating a national holiday is a must.

Quebec has a history that is important and I think it is different from the rest of Canada. We have long fought for our language, for our culture.

Marilou Plane, a resident of Montreal

“We are a nation, so it is important to celebrate ourselves,” Marillo said, wearing a blue hat and showing off a flor-de-lice.

Just hours before the Canadians’ game against the Golden Knights in Vegas, a few hubs jerseys can be seen in the park, which contributed to the festive atmosphere of the place.

After a few minutes, the musicians stopped their performance and said they had received a warning from the police that there were too many people on the site. At 8:20 p.m., the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) reported no major flooding.

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