January 27, 2023


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Status in the Fortuna League One table.  Fist in the soccer front

Status in the Fortuna League One table. Fist in the soccer front

At the forefront of the weekend Fortune 1. League There were no major changes. The top three teams in the table, such as Widzew Łódź, Miedź Legnica and Corona Kelsey They didn’t win their games, but they didn’t change their places. There was a reshuffle in the landing area.

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Some changes to the league table

The leader of the table, i.e. the team see lodge In the 16th round blow, you encounter Copper Legnica, no descriptor. After a very exciting scene, there was a 1-1 draw, which did not affect any changes in the context of the positions taken by both teams. The defeat was recorded away to GKS Katowice in turn Corona KelseyHowever, her advantage over subsequent teams was so great that she remained in third place.

In the area that allows you to participate in the playoffs to upgrade to Premier LeagueApart from Korona Kielce, there are also the teams of GKS Tychy (27 points), who won 4:1 at the weekend with GKS Jastrzębie, Erki Jidinia (26 points), who beat Bielsko Podbeskidze 1-0, by Sandecja Nowy Sącz (26 points) who lost 0:1 to Chrobry Głogów.

As for the relegation zone, after the weekend matches, Stomil Olsztyn left it with a 3:1 victory over Zagłębie Sosnowiec, which in turn opens this zone with 13 points on account. Górnik Polkowice led by one position (12 points) thanks to a 0-0 tie with Resovia Rzeszów, and GKS Jastrzębie closed the table with 12 points on account.

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Lucky table for the first league after the 16 rounds

  1. Widzio Lodz: 34 points (16 matches, 10 wins, 4 draws, 2 defeats)
  2. Meds Legnica: 32 points (16pm, 9g, 5am, 2am)
  3. Corona Kelsey: 29 points (16pm, 8g, 5am, 3am)
  4. GKS Tychy: 27 points (16pm, 7g, 6am, 3am)
  5. Arca Gdynia: 26 points (16m, 8g, 2am, 6f)
  6. Sandecja Nowy Sącz: 26 points (15m, 8g, 2am, 5am)
  7. Podbeskidzie Bielsko – Biawa: 25 points (16pm, 7g, 4am, 5am)
  8. Audra Opole: 24 points (16m, 7g, 3am, 6f)
  9. ŁKS Lodge: 22 points (15m, 6g, 4am, 5am)
  10. Skra Częstochowa: 20 points (15m, 5g, 5am, 5am)
  11. Ressovia Rzeszow: 19 points (16pm, 5g, 4am, 7am)
  12. Chrobry Głogów: 19 points (15m, 5g, 4am, 6f)
  13. GKS Katowice: 19 points (16pm, 4g, 7am, 5am)
  14. Niepołomice Forest: 15 points (16pm, 4g, 3am, 9am)
  15. Stomel Olsztyn: 13 points (16pm, 4g, 1am, 11am)
  16. Zagobi Sosnowiec: 12 points (16pm, 2g, 6am, 8am)
  17. Gornick Pulkovicci: 12 points (16m, 1g, 9am, 6f)
  18. GKS Jastrzeby: 12 points (16pm, 2g, 6am, 8am)