The Saudi national team coach was agitated at the end of the first half of the match against Argentina.  "Take a picture with Messi" [WIDEO]

Hervé Renard is considered the main architect of Saudi Arabia’s success, which was undoubtedly the sensational victory over Argentina. More parts of the coach’s briefing from the match break have appeared on the net.

The Asian national team played the first half of the meeting with “Albicelestes” with great ambition, but they still went to the break with a score of 0: 1. The score could have been higher, but the next three goals were scored by the Argentine offside.

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Already on the day of the match, recordings of what was happening in the Saudi national team between the halves of the match appeared on the Internet. The coach of this team, Hervé Renard, was furious. You will read further over here.

Your talent will make the difference! Keep calm, we still have 45 minutes! This is football, and sometimes completely crazy things happen He said.

Now, more parts of Reynard’s speech have surfaced on social media. He was angry with his players, trying to motivate them.

Is it urgent? Grab your phones and take a picture with Messi! You’re supposed to push, push, don’t let him play. If we have the ball, we can’t just equalize resume.

The next rival for the Saudis will be the Polish national team. This match will be held next Saturday. The first whistle will sound at 14:00 Polish time.

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