The big mystery has been solved.  This material is the basis of the semiconductors of the future

This shows photovoltaic energy, which in practice means, among other things, the ability to store information even after the power is turned off. This in turn opens the way to the design of so-called non-volatile memory, the use of which could lead to the creation of larger and faster computer systems. How is this reasonable? Only because of the option to limit the amount of heat generated as a result of continuous data transfer to short-term memory.

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According to researchers associated with the United States Department of Energy, photoelectric behavior in systems consisting of hafnium oxide is surface coupled. Moreover, it can be affected by atmospheric modification. Whereas previously similar ideas were merely hypotheses, it is now possible to provide concrete evidence that has been presented in more detail in Nature materials.

Semiconductors used to store data have what is called a dead layer. This negatively affects the ability of the material to store information. However, members of the research team have shown that they can influence the behavior of this layer by modifying the atmosphere. Under these conditions, hafnium oxide changed from the antiferroelectric state to the ferroelectric state.

Semiconductors can be used to store data. For example, the design of so-called non-volatile memory

Research success may never have occurred without the use of so-called predictive modeling. Thanks to it, scientists can determine the properties and behaviors of unknown systems, using previous research. In this case we were talking about hafnium oxide mixed with zirconium. In the future, analysis of mixtures with other elements could be considered.

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The information gathered from the latest experiments should be useful in the context of research on the role of electrochemistry of controlled surfaces and interfaces, that is, the relationship between electricity and chemical reactions, in shaping computer performance. As the authors summarized, their research showed that surface chemistry and electrochemistry are interconnected. For this reason, the surfaces of the tested materials can be used to influence their functional properties.

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