“Believe in Santa Claus”: Alexandra Grabowska strives for success

Gloria from “For good and bad”, Stella from “Mafia Women 2”, Julka from “Belfra”, Elisa from “Infamia”, Majka from “Bunt” and Renata from “Braci”. Grabowska from Krakow? Who are these Grabowski? Well, no. The similarity of the surname is coincidental, but the representational roots are not. Alexandra Grabowski was born in Krakow, but is the daughter of the acting couple Marta Konarska and Piotr Grabowski.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and is an interior and fashion designer by profession. “My parents made sure that I did not think about acting, but my life took a different turn as I combined these two professions. I work as a costume designer and decorator in theaters and an actress. I grew up in the theater. “I cannot imagine life without it. “I really like the combination of exclusively cinematic acting and exclusively theatrical scenography. For me, these two things balance each other very beautifully,” says Alexandra.

Alexandra Grabowska: Not only an actress. what’s he doing?

On November 10, the Christmas comedy “Believe in Santa Claus” will be released with an all-star cast and directed by Anna Witzor, in which she plays the lead role. Her film Agnieszka, due to a violent snowstorm, is cut off from the rest of the world in a magical mountain hut covered in snow, and on her way a mysterious and handsome man dressed as Santa Claus appears. Viewers love stories like this!

The next part of the song “U Pana Boga w Królowy Most” with her participation is also waiting for the premiere.

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