The absurdities of the Polish system.  The total amount of purchase will not include costs, but its sale will pay the tax and ... Health insurance: 8.01.2022

Selling company property may increase the tax base and the amount of health insurance premiums, while purchasing company equipment may lower them. The taxpayers, who will not benefit from the purchase, and will lose from the sale, are in a special position. The sale of company assets in a lump sum is subject not only to tax, but also to the risk of entering into a higher threshold for the payment of health insurance, which is another effect of the new regulations introduced in the package of tax changes to the Polish system.

Fixed assets purchased by entrepreneurs for their business activities can, in principle, be classified as tax deductible costs. Therefore, its purchase reduces the tax base and the amount of health insurance premium. This applies to taxpayers who pay according to the tax scale or flat tax.

– If the entrepreneur buys an asset for the company and his income is within the first tax threshold, he will receive 26% of the purchase value. For example: When the purchased component is worth 10 thousand. PLN, savings on general and legal fees will amount to PLN 2,600. In the case of linear taxpayers, this amount will be PLN 2,390 – explains Piotr Juszczyk, senior tax advisor at inFakt.

The lump sum will not benefit from the purchase of the company’s property, and you will lose when it is sold

The opposite is true for the resale of the asset. Selling a fixed asset that belongs to the company’s assets increases the tax base and the basis for calculating the health insurance premium. In the case of the tax scale and the flat tax, this should not significantly affect the entrepreneur’s budget, because the balance is preserved – the purchase reduces the basis, and sales increase it. However, the total amounts will definitely lose out in such a case.

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