2 - fold or not?  The Ministry of Finance has advice

The unusual tax confusion we’ve been seeing since January 3 is the result of regulations coming into force Polish dealWhich leads, on the one hand, to an increase in the tax-exempt amount, and on the other hand, to an increase in the amount of health insurance in real terms. Therefore, if the employer does not have a PIT-2 form in the employee’s documents and does not include the free amount in monthly tax advances, the employee receives a lower salary for January.

Expert Council

After a wave of information about how much low teachers’ salaries or uniforms are received, the government decided to act and Through the mouth of Deputy Finance Minister Jan Sarnovsky Announced a solution that allows automatic use of the tax-deductible amount when calculating the tax advance. Before that happens, employees can submit the PIT-2 test themselves, which is recommended by, among other things, tax advisors.

Cabinet Council

However, the resort has other tips. – The easiest way is to send a PIT-2 but I will hold back for some time, as part of the Ministry of Finance We are working on solutions and it may not be necessary to file a PIT-2 if the regulation we are working on automatically obliges us to implement this regulation, which entitles us to use the free quota – Łukasz Czernicki, chief economist at the Ministry of Finance said on TVP Info.

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