Note sent to Melissa Paredes after riding with Ale Venturo and Gato Cuba |  Photos |  BOCONVIP

The 2022 New Year has come for the Sport Boys footballer., Passionately dating Alexandra Venturo, owner of the healthy brand La Nevera Fit.

In 2021 and his wife who was the most backward there was corruption He betrayed dancer Anthony Aranda, Magali TV La Firma’s cameras protect her in a compromise situation inside her truck.

Gado Cuba no longer hides his feelings and how much fun he has with Alexandra Venturo, who welcomed the New Year south of Lima with him, both in the company of their respective daughters.

For its part, Alexandra Venturo posts stories and travels such as the last romantic dinner she played with the player or the roses that Kate Cuba provided in detail for her new success.

But the most surprising thing was that Ale Venturo released a clear missile and indirectly a message to Melissa Parades.

“It’s about the connection, not the time”, The exact message that Alexandra Venturo gave to Melissa Parades is that it has been 5 years since she married Cado Cuba, but still decided to leave him to start the adventure with the ‘activator’ dancer.

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