The 70-year-old had been running away from the Russians for a long time.  He did not leave behind his favorite animals

Anton Herashchenko, Advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of InteriorHe posts a lot of content on his X profile that allows you to look behind the scenes of what is happening in Ukraine. He has just shared a touching story about the fate of a certain man 70-year-old woman from the village of Torsky In the Donetsk region.

– There is not much left of our village. When I started to move away, there were very strong effects. From ten at night to one in the morning without interruption – Senior reports.

man He managed to escape from the village that was bombed by the Russians. He decided to escape after his neighbor’s house was bombed. – We grabbed what we could and set off at two in the morning – recalls the 70-year-old.

The rest of the article is below the video

Report from Ukraine. The 70-year-old man fled with cows and a dog

As we know, the man did not escape alone. He didn’t want to be separated from his animals.

Unfortunately, the man was initially left to his own devices. As we learn from the video description, he first went with the animals to the Kharkov region. Only later did he get help from volunteers. They helped him reach the Poltava region, where He found a quiet and safe haven – For yourself and your animals.

– When we reached the next village, after covering six to eight kilometers, We saw a glow where my hut used to be – remembers the elder.

This is just one of the stories that describe the human drama. Many Ukrainians are fleeing war, Take your pets with you, However, these are mainly dogs and cats. The 70-year-old also did not want to be separated from his cows.

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