The war in Ukraine.  Russian leaders are dead.  Among them is Boris Tutico

Ukrainian army – Officer Anatoly Stefan, better known by the pseudonym “Sterlits” – He was reported killed as a result of actions at the front Colonel Boris Totiko. This is confirmed by the Russian accounts on the social network Telegram to which Stefan indicated.

A member of the Kremlin army was a commander Missile forces and artillery In the 35th Army of the Combined Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In addition, according to Russian media, he was also killed Captain Oleg Lebedev. “On Sunday, September 25, Colonel Boris Totikov and Captain Oleg Lebedev bid farewell to Ryazan. They died during a special military operation in Ukraine. Boris Totikov was the commander of the missile and artillery units of the military unit, and the commander of the guards, Oleg Lebedev, was the head of the motor units ”, wrote the progorod62 website.

Both soldiers are buried with Military honor.

Anatoly Stefan continued the post and posted it with the logo “Gruz 200”, or “Load 200”. This term was used in the Soviet Union as a term Transporting a Soviet soldier killed at the front.

publish “200” This is due to the fact that the total weight of the cargo (that is, the box containing the wooden and zinc coffins in which the dead soldiers were transported) is usually about 200 kg.

This term is used from the Soviet language interventions in Afghanistan, From December 1979 to February 1989.

In a special edition of the September 26 report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), dedicated to mobilization in Russia, the think tank expressed the view that Putin is unlikely to overcome the underlying structural problems, related to the generation of military power. Ordered September 21 “Partial Fill” It will create an extra army, but somehow inactive It will be burdened with huge social and political costs.

Russia will mobilize reservists for this conflict. This process is going to be awful, The quality of reservists is low, and their motivation to fight is worse. But the systems are in place enough to allow military commissars and other Russian officials to operate Find people and send them to training unitsThen to the war ”- resides the Institute of Military Affairs. According to the center, mobilization It will not affect the course of the conflict.

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