Walt Sikorsky: From Anti-Communist Politician to Pro-Kremlin Politician.  Watch the movie "The Lord of Chobielin" [WIDEO]

A war correspondent, a witness to the war in Afghanistan, declared himself an anti-communist – this is the shortest description of Radoslav Sikorsky, given the beginning of his political career. Volta signed in 2007. – He offended PiS – Witold Waszczykowski believes. – He came to the conclusion that he would make his career in the opposite camp faster – adds the professor. Przemysław Żurawski also known as Grajewski and adds that he could not have achieved this European career without reorienting himself towards Germany and Russia. So he became a pro-Kremlin politician. Watch Marcin Tolicki’s The Lord of Chobielin.

“Lord of Chobielin”. Documentary by Marcin Tolicki about Radosław Sikorski on TVP [ZWIASTUN]

Marcin Tolicki in his latest film “The Lord of Chobielin” asks about foreign policy according to Radoslav Sikorsky. The politician himself…

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– I had the opportunity to meet Sikorsky while working at the Ministry of National Defense in 1992. The division was headed by Deputy Minister. Earlier, I knew him from media reports, and he was viewed very favorably. Says Professor Dr. Żurawski aka Grajewski.

Sikorsky: Once upon a time he was a patriot and an anti-communist

“In the 1990s he was a very basic patriot, strongly associated with the conservative movement,” recalls Witold Waszkowski.

– He was building his image as an anti-communist. He was perceived in this way by many voters – believes Katarzyna Gojska, journalist at Gazeta Polska.

Jean Barris: I met him at the end of the ’80s, he was a different man. He changed his views by 180 degrees.

What did Sikorsky say about Nord Stream?

As the head of the Ministry of National Defense in the PiS government, he was even … opposed to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Poland is particularly sensitive to the lanes and conventions above our heads. This was the tradition of Locarno, this is the tradition of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. We don’t want to repeat that,” Sikorsky said during the EU summit in Brussels in 2006.

Waszczykowski: Sikorsky underwent a transformation in 2007, he has a strange weakness for the East

The best comment on Sikorsky’s entry is the US State Department post. I don’t remember in my political career that such a mission…

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“In 2007-2008, there was a big change. Many are upset by the question: why?” – asks the author of the film Marcin Tolicki.

Sikorsky’s transformation. From what did it result?

– Sikorsky was motivated by the desire to pursue an international career in the structures of the European Union dominated by Germany and France. Since this country wanted an agreement with Russia, Sikorsky came to the conclusion that it was necessary to enter into such a novel – the professor believes. Żurawski aka Grajewski.

The hack was the behavior of the then head of the Ministry of National Defense during the liquidation of the Military Information Services.

– At that time, on the one hand, Sikorsky was constantly presenting himself as an opponent of WSI and supportive of their liquidation, but we also know from the reports of those who worked on the report that his actions were completely different – adds Gogoska.

Another stain for Sikorsky. Ukraine’s position leaves no room for doubt

On Wednesday, President Andrzej Duda spoke by phone with President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, to which Radoslav commented on social media…

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Sikorsky and WSI. unexplained relationship

We learned from “The Lord of Chobielin” that WSI was under Sikorski’s watch in the early 1990s, with what effect? This is unknown.

Later, as head of the Ministry of National Defense, he headed the ministry, which was responsible for the liquidation of services originating from Moscow.

– During the WSI liquidation process, he was the one who delayed the committee’s work and sought to modernize WSI. He just wanted to make a certain scene. Some WSI officers will have to be replaced by others, and the label may be changed a bit, but the core of the services will remain, says Gójska.

On February 5, 2007, Sikorsky left the Ministry of National Defense. – He was dismissed for being strangely in love and contacts with General Dukashevsky. He offended PiS and moved to the mailbox – recalls Waszczykowski.

What are the causes of Sikorsky Volt? a. There’s no doubt that Churawski’s Phil Graewsky. – He concluded that he would make his career in the opposite camp faster. His former teammate says it was quickly remodeled.

Movie “Lord of Chobielin” It shows the successive years of Sikorsky’s career in the PO-PSL government, which was marked by a pro-Moscow stance despite repeated Russian aggression, whether it was against Chechnya, Georgia or, finally, against Ukraine. This was how the Berlin scenario of cooperation with Russia fit, which Sikorsky offered to join NATO in a public speech.

Radosław Sikorski’s behavior in the face of the Smolensk disaster constitutes a separate chapter.

Watch the whole movie “Lord of Chobielin”

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Walt Sikorsky: From Anti-Communist Politician to Pro-Kremlin Politician. Watch the movie “The Lord of Chobielin”

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