The 7-year-old posed for a photo on the ‘sand’.  A few minutes later he died

The tragedy occurred in the south of Brazil, namely in Ipiranga, in the state of Paraná. 7-year-old Arthur Emmanuel Bettencourt wanted to take a picture at a construction site near his home. The boy sat on a pile of small building materials, not realizing that it was not just light sand, but a mountain of poisonous lime powder. Moreover, the 7-year-old was almost half immersed in it.

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Tragedy at a construction site in Brazil. The 7-year-old died

All this time, the completely unaware boy inhaled poisonous particles of lime dust. Moments later, he started to feel bad. He was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing the doctors could do. The 7-year-old died very quickly. According to the doctors, it was the inhalation of building materials that led to the tragedy. Lime dust contains tiny silica particles that are toxic and can cause serious respiratory problems.

The boy’s uncle posted a picture of him on Facebook and shared the tragic story. All this to make people aware of the dangers that may await their children. And above all, warn them about any games on construction sites.

Romaldo Bettencourt wrote on Facebook in despair.

Local police have opened an investigation into the death of a 7-year-old boy.

Source:, Facebook

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