June 10, 2023


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Xi Putin meeting. Former Trump advisor on how China is helping Russia

“I think what we’ll see in the coming days and weeks, There will be more and more evidence of China’s support for Russia McMaster told Margaret Brennan of CBS on Face the Nation.

in his opinion China “doesn’t want to be caught” helping the Kremlin. As he explained, while they were helping the Russians kill Ukrainians, they were also saying, “Hey, China is open for business“.

McMaster who is long general And he held a position National Security Adviser Under former President Donald Trump, he also said that the Chinese President’s speeches Xi Jinping At last week’s People’s Congress “essentially Preparing the Chinese people for war“.

Beijing has denied supplying weapons to Russia to wage war in Ukraine. China leader Xi Jinping will be in Moscow from Monday to Wednesday. During this visit – according to the American Institute for the Study of War – He will discuss with Vladimir Putin ways to evade sanctions imposed on Russia.

Analysts pointed to reports that Chinese companies sold to entities from Russia, among others, drone parts and equipment that could be used for military purposes. Maybe he wants that He discussed with Putin and Russian officials options for evading sanctionsTo support sales to Russia and the supply of Chinese equipment “- expects ISW.

The think tank also noted that Xi had earlier signed 16 agreements with China Alexander Lukashenko. According to analysts, these agreements “may make things easier Circumventing Russian sanctions by directing Chinese products through Belarus“.

The Institute of Internal Affairs added that the topic of Xi’s visit will likely be China’s interest in mediating a settlement of the war in Ukraine through negotiations. The Kremlin announced, without specifying, that Putin and Xi intended to sign Double-sided documents– The center noted that analysts assumed that Xi’s visit to Moscow is a way to “strengthen China’s efforts to present China as a neutral mediator” in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

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