Thanks to Russian tankers, the global giant wants to lower gas prices

As judges of Belga, coincidence At the time, he decided to take this step primarily due to image concerns. Previously, the ships were chartered from Russia’s state-controlled company Sovcom Float.

After banks seized the tankers as part of a Russian company’s debt restructuring, Singapore-based Eastern Pacific Shipping repurchased the tankers, the agency said.

Now, Shell has signed a long-term contract with the company to operate the ships.

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Belga thinks so This move may lead to lower prices in the narrow gas market, Because the company can now supply more LNG again.

Shell controls about 90 tankers, or a fifth of the world’s LNG fleetThe daily Het Nieuwsblad reports and adds that bringing the ships back into service could also reduce LNG vessel charter rates, which have tripled in the past three months.

Shell cuts itself off from Russia

These countries are also betting on LNG

Poland is one of the countries that focus on gas supplies in the form of LNG. In mid-May, a gas tanker chartered from PGNiG arrived at the gas station in Owenogise, which delivered the first cargo from the US port on the Gulf of Mexico. In total, the company wants to own up to 11 tankers and bring 8.3 billion cubic meters of gas to Owenogese annually.

Finland, which will be another country after Poland and Bulgaria that will not receive natural gas supplies from Russia’s Gazprom, is preparing for such a scenario. Finnish carrier Gasgrid and American Excelerate Energy signed a contract to lease Examplar LNG carrier on Friday. It aims to ensure the security of supplies in Finland and help meet domestic gas demand.



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