May 31, 2023


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3D-printed alternative plant-based meat moves from Israel to European markets

3D-printed alternative plant-based meat moves from Israel to European markets

The Israeli company Redefine Meat, which so far cooperates with 150 restaurants in the local market, is working to increase the efficiency of its production and its entry into the European market. “Each batch of vegetable meat we produce is five times larger than the previous one,” says CEO Eschar Ben Street, whose products are known by celebrity chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Ron Blau and Joachim Gerner.

The challenge to the producer is a large cut of alternative beef, made from a blend of soy protein, pea, chickpea, beetroot, nutritional yeast and coconut fat, and designed to replace the original steak. Until now, Redefine meat products have been used as sausage and hamburger stuffing.

– In recent weeks, during the COP26 summit, world leaders committed to achieving ground-breaking goals, such as ending deforestation by 2030. Pro-environmental plans require a significant reduction in global meat consumption. Our company Redefine Meat focuses on the real problem – not the meat itself, but how it is produced. We have an original solution that, today, not in 2030, will retain all aspects of cooking for meat, allowing you to forego raising livestock at the same time, Ben Street explains.

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The Israeli company with global competition in the form of American producers Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods and the Spanish brand Novameat, plans to build five factories in Israel, the United States, Europe and Asia.

With the advancement of technology, improvement in taste and the expansion of the range of alternative meat products, the value of this sector could reach $140 billion by 2029, representing about 10% of the total. The entire global meat market, estimates the British financial services provider Barclays.

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