Death of actor and director Ahmed Benoit

Algerian cinema is losing a new big image. Ahmed Benazza, a playwright, actor and director, has died of a chronic illness at the age of 78, the Ministry of Culture and the Arts announced on its Facebook page this Friday.

In his 50-year career starring in the 1971 film Star with the Death or Paulo the Magnificence, Ahmed Benoit has starred in more than 120 films, from Hollywood to Damn Rass, Horse La Loy to Maunia Medorin Babicha. , Mostefa Ben Bouleid, Herracus, Normal !, Grim Belcassem, Mauritius, The Glandstein …

Born on March 2, 1944 in Algiers, Ahmed Beniza has produced numerous works for the Algerian National Theater and has won numerous national and international prizes. During the difficult period of terrorism that Algeria went through (in 1995) he directed the Regional Theater of CD Bel Abbess. Ahmed Benazza has directed a TV series, a TV movie and two short films.

The Minister of Culture wrote in a condolence message on the Facebook page of his ministry that the Algerian art scene is losing one of its best personalities.

Before the disappearance of Ahmed Benoit, Algeria lost other great figures in its culture, such as the actor and comedian. Mohammad Hashim After the battle with the disease, he bowed on May 4th. The Algerians who were most affected by the actor’s disappearance paid homage to him on social media.

In early 2022, Algeria lost two of their best actors: Mustafa Briur and Mohamed Hilmi. Disappeared in 2021 Idir singers And Hamdi Benani, Raba Therosa and Salwa.

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