After the Twitter acquisition, Elon Musk is no longer idle. After personnel changes in the highest positions, mass layoffs, the already announced fees for verified users have become a reality. However, there is a change.

Twitter introduces a subscription system

Twitter has launched a subscription service that allows users to purchase blue stamp verification for $7.99 per month, the Associated Press reports. Verified accounts will not lose their blue stamps.

In a Saturday app update for Apple iOS, Twitter announced that anyone who “subscribes now” to the premium service “Twitter Blue” for $7.99 a month will get a blue badge. Available in the UK, as well as in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the update says the service will “empower people”, Britain’s Evening newspaper reported.

Experts: The system was not perfect

The change marks the end of the current Twitter verification system that was launched in 2009 to prevent impersonations of famous personalities such as celebrities and politicians. Before the changes, Twitter had approximately 423,000. Verified accounts, many of them journalists from around the world, were verified by the site regardless of the number of followers.

Experts have expressed serious concerns about the platform’s new verification system, which “though not perfect – has helped 238 million Twitter users determine if the accounts they received information from were genuine.”

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The Associated Press warns that anyone unable to obtain the Blue Seal could lead to confusion and an increase in misinformation ahead of Tuesday’s US congressional elections. “If the fraudsters decide to pay the subscription fee, they will choose the names of politicians and officials,” the agency wrote.

Musk wants to ‘validate everyone’

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, who said he wanted to “check all the people out” on Twitter, said public figures would be identified in a different way than the Blue Seal. Today, for example, government officials are identified by a script in their full name that they post from an official government account.

The change to the verification system comes the next day after Twitter started firing employees to cut costs, and more and more companies stopped advertising on the platform.

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey on Saturday blamed widespread job losses. “I’m responsible for why everyone is in this position: the company has grown in size too quickly,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m sorry about that,” he added.

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