Test: How good are you at math?  Real scientific minds will get 7 points!

Mathematics – the queen of sciences

Many of us who didn’t like mathematics said we were “humanists.” I think every one of us had a moment when science was an issue. Was it algebra or geometry or maybe even roots? It’s okay to not be good at math, but it’s worth a try!

Order of operations!

We learned in elementary school that parentheses always come first, then powers and roots, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction. If we are dealing with parentheses, the first is always the farthest.

Are you good at mathematics? Test yourself in the test!

Whether you have already graduated from school, have school-age children, or are still a student, you can try our math quiz! You will definitely be able to do it, but we assure you that it is not very easy!

Math competition. Only the best scientific minds can solve these tasks!

Question 1 of 10

How much would 2+2×2 be?

Vicki Gabor on school and grades – Math is the hardest

See what this year’s Poznań high school graduates look like after taking their math exam!

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