Artificial intelligence is second to none.  Thanks to this, a cheaper and cheaper battery has been developed

Battery quality and performance have become major factors affecting what we can do with electronics. Lithium-ion batteries, which currently dominate the market – despite their huge popularity – have their limitations. Microsoft decided to change this situation by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence and cloud computing to accelerate the process of discovering new materials for battery production.

Although traditional lithium-ion batteries are relatively efficient, they have their drawbacks. First, they rely on lithium electrolyte, which is toxic and may pose a fire hazard. In addition, the capacity of these batteries has already reached physical limits, making them less than ideal for powering modern electronic devices and electric vehicles. Therefore, there is a need to discover new materials that can form the basis for more efficient and environmentally friendly batteries.

Microsoft has taken on the ambitious mission of accelerating this process Discovery through the use of advanced IT tools and artificial intelligence. As a result of this effort, the team of Microsoft scientists tested 32.6 million potential substances in just 80 hours. This achievement is equivalent to what it takes a person to do 20 years. The result of this research is a battery prototype that may be groundbreaking for the industry.

The key element in the prototype is a semiconductor electrolyte, which has a higher energy density than conventional electrolytes. Most importantly, they are less toxic and more resistant to fire hazards, a step towards safer batteries. The prototype also contains 70% less lithium than conventional batteries, which is good for the environment.

Discovering suitable materials is of great importance not only for the development of electronics, but also for solving global problems. Scientists need to find materials that help fight climate change, recycle plastics, and create new medicines. Thanks to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, scientists can quickly test different materials and identify those that meet certain criteria.

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Human versus artificial intelligence.  In this battle we won, but we still lost

The Microsoft project is an excellent example of how new technologies can accelerate the solution of global problems. The ultimate goal is to create environmentally friendly, efficient and safe batteries that meet society's growing needs. This project could change the future of battery technology, opening up new possibilities in materials science and revolutionizing the way we think about and use batteries.

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