March 28, 2023


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Bagpipe basket price comparison.  Poland's highest inflation rate in 20 years

Bagpipe basket price comparison. Poland’s highest inflation rate in 20 years

The rise in prices of consumer goods and services has accelerated sharply in recent times. The latest GUS data for August 2021 showed that in the case of the above items, inflation was 5.4%. Compared to August last year. This is Poland’s highest score in 20 years.

We are dealing with the highest inflation rate in 20 years. “There is no indication that the pace of price growth will slow in the near future,” said Grzegorz Bachevsky, director general of the Leviathan Union. In his opinion, the coming months will bring further increases in inflation, which has been above the National Bank’s inflation target for more than a year. More comments on inflation You can read here.

Andrzej Duda about shopping. a lot of pictures!

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