credit holidays.  Financial Ombudsman Recommendations

From Friday, it will be possible to submit requests for credit waivers. The financial ombudsman recommends that you keep your mailing receipt. The moment of its delivery is the key to the possibility of benefiting from the suspension of loan installments.

On Friday, the Law on Crowdfunding for Business and Borrower Aid went into effect, with credit holidays introduced. This is the possibility of suspending the repayment of the loan installment for a maximum period of 8 months this next year. In the current quarter, it is possible to suspend the August and September installments; In the last quarter of this year, i.e. between October 1 and December 31, you can defer two installments, and next year, one installment per quarter. The outstanding installments will pass at the end of the repayment period, so the loan period will be extended by the number of months you have been on loan leave.

Will you benefit from credit holidays? We are waiting for your information

credit holidays. Financial Ombudsman Recommendations

The Financial Ombudsman noted that people who pay a mortgage in Polish currency, obtained for their own housing needs, are entitled to relief. He stressed that, according to the law, the loan repayment is suspended for the period or periods specified in the application on the date of submitting the application to the lender.

“The key to the possibility of taking advantage of credit holidays is the moment of delivery of the application. Therefore, the Financial Ombudsman pays attention to maintaining the confirmation of sending the application or submitting it in person at the bank branch” – recommended the office.

“If the application is submitted to the bank in paper form, via the postal operator, it is worth sending the application by registered mail with a acknowledgment of receipt and keeping the proof of sending the application. Confirmation of acceptance of the application by the bank employee It should be remembered that the decisive factor for suspending loan repayment is the date of delivery The application is to the lender, and not sent to the post office, “- said the financial ombudsman.

Eight months credit leave. All you need to know

Evidence of violations

He added that in case of any irregularities in the processing of the application, the posting confirmation would prove that the application was received by the lender on a specific date.

Customers who encounter problems and irregularities resulting from the execution of credit clearance requests by banks can apply for assistance from the Office of the Financial Ombudsman – the office is assured.

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