February 4, 2023


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The electric meter cover will help reduce bills.  It's a student idea

The electric meter cover will help reduce bills. It’s a student idea

The energy meter smart cover is designed to help you use it economically electricity. After installation on the meter, the device informs when, for what purpose and how much energy we use.

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The overlay on the meter will show how much energy we have used in a certain period

“Everyone in the house has a power meter, by which the indicators are read from time to time. Our unit uses such a unit. The current diode has its own pulse constant for the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used. Photoresistor changes the resistance to the intensity of light Fallen by the fact that we can see how many flashes there are per kilowatt-hour, and know how much energy we have used in a given period” Paulina Kucharczyk of the WUT Power Industry Science Club said, quoted on the university’s website. She added that the information is contained in a special file, and the device sends notifications about the current power consumption of the phone.

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The device notifies the user via SMS

SMS tells about the amount of energy used at the time, which was set by the user himself. Work is currently underway on a module that will allow additional notifications when a certain consumption level is exceeded.

“I think the device will definitely draw the user’s attention to the amount of energy they are consuming each day. We don’t follow this very often.” Polina Kucharczyk confirms.

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