No note?  A delivery girl carries her customers’ goods

A video posted on TikTok of an American midwife having a tense exchange with a couple who refused to tip her for a grocery order worth several hundred dollars has gone viral.

In the video, the delivery woman argues for the importance of tipping, based on her efforts to deliver a $400 ($540 CAN) package.

Customers, for their part, defend the principle that tipping is voluntary.

“You need to see how much it works and understand that I need to get a tip,” says the delivery woman.

“No, you don’t deserve a tip,” the customer immediately replies, who doesn’t want to tip, and tells him he’s “crushing the noodles.”

The key person involved denies this assurance, then shrugs: “Anyway, these noodles are no longer for you,” he replies, promising to return the entire order to the grocer.

“I packed all this in my car, brought it to you and had to unpack it. You didn’t pay me. You paid for the delivery service,” she continues to argue.

The video has been viewed 1.5 million times and sparked a lively debate among internet users.

“No tip? I would have left too! I am with the delivery lady.

“400 dollars and they don’t tip! Terrible!”

“Tipping is optional.”

“The culture of tipping is out of control.”

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