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Nearly 60,000 teens interested in the exact and natural sciences – many people managed to include the Adamed Foundation in the programme, which has been running successfully since 2014. And most surprisingly, the program itself – ADAMED SmartUP – Inspired by a conversation between Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Foundation, with her son. Michał Adamkiewicz was pleased with the programme for talented young people in the United States and persuaded his mother to create a similar one in Poland. Nothing happens without a reason, and so under the auspices of the Adamed Foundation, a program has been created for young people who are particularly interested in the natural sciences and who are ready to develop their scientific passion.

How can ADAMED SmartUP be defined in a nutshell? It is an opportunity to develop scientific passions under the wings of practitioners and scholars. Activities are based on a scholarship program preceded by a research camp. 400 of the most talented high school students from all over Poland have already participated in eight camps.

In addition, each year the main prize winners are selected, who receive a package of educational counseling, and the best of them receive additional financial support.


The program consists of a three-stage recruitment process. First, an online science game. To participate in it, all you have to do is register on the site www.adamedsmartup.pl. To obtain interesting scientific impressions, ambitious puzzles have been prepared in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, mathematics, computer science and astronomy.

The people with the best scores in the science game go to the second round. There, it is necessary to send a CV, cover letter, grades and references issued by the school. The selected individuals are then invited to meetings with the scientific council of the program.

The final stage is to participate in an innovative science camp, where you can participate in advanced practical exercises and meet peers with similar interests. Classes during the camp are conducted, among other things, by Oxford and Cambridge alumni doctors and engineers.

At ADAMED SmartUP Camp, I first worked in a professional lab and learned basic techniques of molecular biology and microbiology. I gained skills that have come in handy for me many times later – says Melina Malshark, MAIN AWARD WINNER and ADAMED SmartUP 2nd Edition scholarship holder, 5th High School General Education alumna. August Witkowski in Krakow.

One of the attractions during the camp is excursions to places usually inaccessible to visitors, such as Adamed’s modern laboratories, the Institute of High Pressure Physics or the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

However, the camp is not the end of scientific struggles and challenges. On the basis of, inter alia, 10 winners of the main prize of the ADAMED SmartUP program are selected during the camp.

People with the highest potential, creativity, passion for learning and motivation to work will receive a scholarship for further scientific development, individually tailored according to their plans.

– In middle school, she was awarded the title of laureate of several coordination competitions, including. in chemistry, biology, mathematics and history. At this point in my education, my interests were very broad. In high school, I mainly focused on biology and chemistry and then also decided to apply for medical studies. The ADAMED SmartUP Camp also showed me the scientific side of this field. Prior to that, I approached medicine clinically strictly. Thanks to the program, I met people who broadened my horizons – admits Mateusz Wurzyczyk, winner of the second edition of ADAMED SmartUP, a graduate of the Nazareth Sisters School Complex in Kielce. Street. Jadwiga Królowej and medical student at Warsaw Medical University.

Recruitment for 2022 has already started

The year 2070 will leave humanity for Mars. You have to choose 5 topics or technologies that will allow you to bring life back to a new planet – this is a task for participants in the next edition of the ADAMED SmartUP Scholarship Program.

– As every year, we invite 14-18 year olds with a passion for science to take on the challenge of an online science game. It will be an addictive game for participants, which can certainly inspire them to explore selected scientific issues – says Martyna Strupczewska, ADAMED SmartUP Program Director.

You can start the game over here. The match will end on January 15, 2023.

ADAMED SmartUP. These are not just theoretical considerations

Dr. Jacob Buchinsky, astronomer and discoverer of more than a dozen new planets, is behind them The solar system is in the works today space telescopes. And as he admits, as a researcher, he is aware of what is connected with his work: everything we take into space can turn into garbage. space debris.

The world talked about it during the recent ADAMED SmartUP gala.

– Several years ago, as part of the ADAMED SmartUP Science Game, we prepared an assignment for participants related to Kessler Syndrome. This situation can lead to irreversible scattering in the Earth’s orbit by colliding with each other in the orbit of space debris. The participants’ task was to count the number of satellites that would not lead to Kessler syndrome – says Buchinsky.

– We currently have thousands of operational satellites in orbit and several thousand dead objects. And we’re still gaining momentum, too – the world warns. – In the coming years their number will double and it will double again in the coming years. Huge towers with several thousand satellites, such as Starlink, are already being built. But in the end, the system will have more than 42 thousand. Satellites.

Can we imagine the world above our heads in a few years? – Bochiński asks in language and adds: – Today we are not able to look at the sky and do not see even a single satellite.

Jakub Buchinsky explains that people have already carried 17 million kilograms of objects into space. Only half of them returned to the ground. The rest is hazardous waste that is traded all over the world. “Now everyone is wondering how to deal with it,” says the astronomer.

The impact of these considerations, among others, is an agreement between NASA, the United Nations and the European Space Agency. One of the recommendations? Everything that flies must return to Earth within 25 years.

– When scientists noticed that the problem was growing, they began to think about it now – summarizes his lecture Jakub Buchinsky. – This is what it should look like in every field of science. This allows us to create the technologies of the future now when we need them, not in the future when it may be too late.

It’s a program that brings people together

The announcement of the following list of ADAMED SmartUP Prize laureates, who, as the astronomer demonstrated with his lecture, are trying to solve real scientific problems, takes place at the annual ceremony at which the awards are presented by representatives of the Scientific Council of the Adamed Foundation. This year’s edition was organized within the walls of the Warsaw University of Technology.

During the event, the Foundation announced a list of 10 main award winners and 3 scholarship holders, selected from the pool of people honored in 2021.

The winners of the eighth edition of the ADAMED SmartUP Program are:

  1. Anthony Bartkoviak, multi-instrumentalist from Kelsey, student of Street. Jadwiga Królowej in Kielce
  2. Jakub Borowicz, trumpeter from Zloty Potok in the Silesian province, student of the 9th secondary school of general education CK Norwid in Czestochowa
  3. Mikołaj Cichoń, a space lover from Katowice, is a student in the eighth high school with their bilingual branches. Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie in Katowice
  4. Alexandra Kubicica, winner of the French Olympiad in ód, is a second-year high school student with their bilingual branches. Stefan Batory in Warsaw
  5. Oskar Leksa, yacht sailor from Kelsey, student at St. Jadwiga Królowej in Kielce
  6. Anna Olzak, a lover of robotics from Gliwice, is a student at the complex of technical and IT schools in Gliwice
  7. As Skiba, a lover of algorithms from Warsaw, a student of the 14th General Secondary School S. Staszica in Warsaw
  8. Christian Skoron, creator of a 3D printer from Andrychów in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, is a student of the Fifth Secondary School in Bielsko-Biała.
  9. Julia Socinska, a future student at Oxford from Pozna, a student at the University High School in Toru
  10. Andrzej Wrzesiński, astrophotographer from Radziejów in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, student at Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. The Łokietek in Radziejów

For the next year, each of the winners will participate in classes, workshops and internships consistent with the interested party and the chosen development path.

During the ADAMED SmartUP gala, the names of three scholarship holders were also announced. These people were selected from among the main prize winners of the seventh edition of the program. Each of them received a scholarship of 40,000 PLN. zloty. Co-funding can be used for any purpose related to scientific development. The award was awarded to:

Matthews Yarick from aziska Górnea medical Olympic winner who wants to study at Oxford.

Adrianna Jźdzewska from Gdanskwho began her medical studies in Tri-City, despite being a laureate of the Chemistry Olympiad.

Patrick Wiquet of OstrocaThe winner of the Brain Olympiad, who this year began his studies at Harvard University.

ADAMED SmartUP has been since the beginningDesigned to build a sense of community. It is not only about expanding knowledge and skills, but above all it is an opportunity to meet people with similar interests. I am very pleased that every year another group of inspiring young people join us – Katarzyna Dubno, Adamed Foundation Board Member, said during the event.

On the other hand, Dr. Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, President of the Adamed Foundation encouraged – not only the distinguished: – The future belongs to science. There are other huge challenges ahead: the energy crisis, global warming, and misinformation in the grid. You can beat them! Thanks to Science – the President of the Adamed Foundation appealed to young and future scientists.

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